Course Study Format & Curriculum

Return to Health has a comprehensive curriculum in its Course in Professional Modern Homeopathy. This is offered in a flexible, part-time study format. Course intakes are limited, to allow maximum benefit to students through smaller teacher to student ratios.

Course in Professional Modern Homeopathy course format includes:

  • Classroom-based teaching
  • Documented modules
  • Written student assignments
  • Reading and research using prescribed literature and internet resources
  • Clinical practice.

Course duration

1-3 years.

You will take each module over a minimum period of one month, and maximum of three months. Thereby, you will complete all twelve modules in a minimum duration of 12 consecutive months, and maximum of 36 months.

Course format

Return to Health is located in Tallebudgera Valley, in the Southern Gold Coast. However, students may enrol from anywhere in Australia.* Return to Health understands that learning need not be limited to a formal classroom setting to be effective. Classroom-teaching is kept to a minimum, to ensure effective outcomes for students from all areas and with varying obligations. Classroom-based teaching is delivered both in-person for local students, and via live Skype video calls for interstate students.

* Courses are not formatted for distance study.


Modules are timetabled on a revolving bi-monthly timetable. This allows you to enrol during multiple times in the year. Intake is in March, May, June, August and October of each calendar year. Classes require you to attend a minimum of 1 day per module. You take each of our modules over a minimum period of one month, and maximum of three months. We hold classes from Monday to Friday, with specific days of attendance dependent on the Course you are undertaking. Times for tuition days are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Focused learning

Whilst we condense formal teaching, contact time with your teacher is frequently available due to Return to Health’s small classroom sizes. This means that more focused and effective learning can be achieved with you on a one-on-one basis. The style of learning at Return to Health favours awareness and growth on all levels, including spiritual and emotional growth. Therefore, education is individualised, and responsive to your needs.


The course consists of 12 modules, which you will study in linear progression (i.e. you must pass each preceding module before gaining access to the following module):

1. Overview of Homeopathy
2. Basic Human Physiology
3. Miasms & Constitutions
4. The Spiritual Nature of Health & Healing
5. Homeopathic Remedies
6. Homeopathic Materia Medica
7. Homeopathic Repertories
8. Case Taking & Case Analysis
9. Homeopathic Prescribing
10. Homeopathic Pharmacy & Remedy Making
11. Case Management & Client Management
12. Practice Management

Intensive reading and research

The course comprises fully documented modules. In addition, you are also required to do further reading and research. Material includes ground-breaking research, and comprehensive literature. It may also include teachings from various other backgrounds, including psychology, art and literature, and medicine.

This further echoes the holistic learning process which Return to Health adheres to.


We assess the progress of our students on a module-by-module basis. Students have to submit and successfully pass each Module Assignment before progressing to the subsequent module. Each assignment is structured to provide you with an opportunity to build your own understanding of the module taught in class through further self-study and research. You then demonstrate your understanding by completing the module assignment in written form.

Our values

Our values are the backbone of your education. See what Return to Health values…

  1. Return To Health values professional integrity, personal honesty and practice for the patient and student’s highest good. All staff and students are held to these values.
  2. Spirituality in all its religious and secular forms; staff and students are encouraged to consider their education in the context of spiritual development for both themselves and their clients.
  3. Interaction between the homeopathic community and allied health and wellness modalities; co-operation and understanding is encouraged both as part of educational research and clinical practice.
  4. The efficacy of homeopathy in all aspects of health and wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and its applicability across human, animal and plant kingdoms. Students are encouraged to consider their education in the context of all of these.

Course costs

Payment is taken on a per-module basis. A detailed fee schedule is provided on application.


Registration for this course is by application only. We determine the suitability of prospective students in two stages. Firstly, the prospective student will pass an initial Suitability Assessment, and will then be invited to interview for a place.

See how this process works